my onLy wish..

may i sit here ?

i promise u, i won’t be naughty

i won’t disturb you

even if you don’t want to see me ,

i’ll try not to let u know i’m exist . .

if you ask me why ,

i’ll answer . .

coz i want to see you

laughing with your friends

crying in the middle of desperation

trying to realize your dreams

n finally see you smile happily coz of your gain

and maybe u’ll ask for what . .

the answer is

coz i want to sure, you not feel lonely

i’ll pray to God when you feel down

i want you to be sure u can realize all of your dreams

at last ,

u’ll ask why i’m not your side . .

hmm . .

i realize that i can’t stand there for you

i’ll disappoint you coz i won’t be there for you when you need me

coz of that i just sit here

even though many things happened to you when i’m not on your side ,

i just want you to believe , that i care ..


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