coz i know you’re out of reach

i know it day wouLd came ..

the day you went away from my Life ..

can’t deny it’s hurt me much,

but can do nothing to make you stiLL here ..

i aLready know,

i can’t make you Love me as you do to her

though i can Love you more than you do to her ..

i aLso know,

it’s better if woman Lookin for man who Love her with aLL his heart

but trust me,

when Love came into you,

u can do nothing to reject this feeLing ..

sooo ..


i’LL miss the day that we spent together ..

i’m so thankfuL for every smiLe that u bring to my Life ..

thanks for shining my day with your care

and thanks for make  me feeLin Love again ..

our time together is too short to be mean

but for me,

it’s too sweet to forget

good bye my Love

good bye my sunshine

good bye my cLown ..

u’LL aLways in my heart…


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