I, simply, love the way you love me

I’m standing here, afraid of tomorrow
As I know there is something that I can not change
I have to meet you again and again,
even though it hurt
And do you know why it hurt ?
It bcoz I used to be with u,
I used to remember the time you were mine
But, I can not deny, however, I still love watching u there

And I still see you every now and then
every single thing reminds me of u
I miss the moment I was with u
I miss how happy I was when I’m with you
And I love the way you treat me right
I simply, love the way you love me

And so here I am
Thinkin of u all night
Can’t close my eyes, don’t want to close my eyes..
If I could, -I really wish I could-.. I want to stop thinkin bout you
I wish I could run
But I can not, all I want is to be with you
I’m so lost without you

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