Do You Really Know?

Girl : “I love you”

Boy : “I know”

Girl : “I need you”

Boy : “I know”

Girl : “I always love the time when you’re with me”

Boy : “I know”

Girl : “I love to see you happy”

Boy : “I know”

Girl : “I’ll be sad if you leave me”

Boy : “I know”

Girl : “NO! You know nothing! You have no idea how much I love you and how much I need you! You never could understand how it feel when one time you treat me just like the most important lady in the world, and next time you just ignore me like I’m absolutely nothing for you. This situation make me crazy, I try to understand but you not help me at all with your silence and you, pretend everything is okay. Then I have to deal with that cause I want to see you happy. I don’ t want to complain, I try to believe that you love me. I try to trust that all you need is time to understand how much I love you. I try to recall our sweet moment, when we just getting close. When I easily could feel that I’m that important for you. Why things changed so fast? You make me feel like a dumb, feel you just fool me. You make feel so confused, I not know what went wrong. I need you to prove me wrong, that you really need me, that you not just take me for granted. Show me that you love me as much I love you, need me as much I need you.”

Boy : “I know”

Girl : “I HATE YOU!”

Boy : “… I know, I’m sorry”

Girl : (crying) “And you know what?!

I hate the fact that even you hurt me so much, I can’t hate you at all. I hate it, I love you too much”

Boy : (hug the girl) “I know”


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