the very thought of you

I miss the time when I’m awake, check my phone and smile, coz you text to greet me

I miss the moment when you came to my place, take me to eat or just chat, make sure I’m not bored or tired

I miss to see purple light on my phone, that sign you text me, while I was getting bored doing my task.

I miss our time together, just talk about anything for an hour, more or less, but always made my day felt so lovely

I miss our simple and maybe stupid conversation, that always success to cheer me up and make me feel so excited

I miss having you in my arms, feel like not want to let you go though I have to

I miss your lovely eyes, lookin deep into my eyes. Is it just my thought or is it true, your eyes give me more than words.

Let me make it simple.

I miss you.

I don’t want to let you go.

I fear someday I have to let you go.

I do really need you.

Coz ya,
I love you,baby.



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