I wish it could be sweet ending

30 November 2011
It always rain on the last day of November
This year, I agree that November is tough month
When it end, I feel like.. Wow!
It already end!
Seems like I still have many undiscovered things left behind
But no time to get back
I want to start learning violin but it’s too late I think, better wait next year
I also want to make new plot for my teaching but I think I have to start on next year
So many plans that have to postpone, until next year
Just because it is the end of November
Well, looks like December is not the last month anymore, huh?
But I still happy, it’s the end of November
At least I have one month to prepare my self
Make sure I will start new year with the brand new spirit, thinking skills and more improvement
I just wish I could be much better from now
And for sure, find and fulfill my purpose of life

30 November 2011
I’ve learned so much this year
Love and hurt
Friendship and ignorance
Relationship and broke-up
Resign and interview
Farewell and first-meet-up
So many random things and unexpected things happened in my life
Well, sometimes I already know it would happened but still not believe it could happened and can’t accept that it already happened
Sorry, I know I not say in easy way
But that’s my thought
I’m in love when this year started and who knows if I will end this year, even happier than when I start ?
I believe everything that mean to be will always be
And sometimes, -just sometimes but trust me it’s true-, something just happened, for no reason
Just because it must be
No other reason
So no need to seek for the reason, why it happened
Just accepted the truth

30 November 2011
It just like proof, that you never alone in this world
Even so many bad things happened, so many tears fall
But like I said before, everything that mean to be will always be
It just help you to be strong
Sometimes you don’t know how strong you are until be strong is the only choice that you have
I like Josh Groban song, “You are Loved (Don’t Give Up)”
Just because some person not like you, not love you, ignore you, don’t feel down
There’s a lot more people that love you more than you think
Even if you think nobody love you at all, you always became the second choice, remember..
You are unique
There’s no one like you in this world
And you are unique, cause God love and care of you so much
You’re the best creation of God that made for good purpose
Be glad for that and be thankful

30 November 2011
It already past
It already done
But I also already can see
I would have sweet ending for this year

30 November 2011
Thank you God for everything that You’ve done to me
Thank you God for Your love and bless
Thank you for family that love me so much
Thank you for friends that care of me
Thank you for every sweet and bitter moment
Thank you for sweet students and all other blessings
Thank you for give me strength to live my life
Thank you cause I know, everything is under Your control, God
Sorry if I not always listen and sometimes think that I know what’s best for me, more than You know
Help me to have faith in You
Guide me to always obey you
My life is all Yours, God

30 November 2011
Goodbye, tears
Goodbye, pain
I’m ready to prepare my new target and plan
To become better and better

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