Let’s Move On

make me feel so blessed

make me feel so blessed

Hello, young lover!
It’s almost 2 AM in Jakarta.
I extremely exhausted but don’t know why, can’t sleep so I decide to share my thoughts with you.
As I can’t sleep, I check my twitter timeline and find that most of tweet in my timeline is about love one side, unspoken love, missing someone, etc.
It makes me feel, I have to write this.
First, I have to say that love, basically, makes you strong.
Love would made you feel like nothing to fear, you can do it, you are precious in your own way, etc.
But still, love makes you strong!
It have to and it always do.
When love makes you weak and feel like useless, then you have to STOP!
That’s for sure not love.
Maybe you love him/her, but he/she not love you.
Maybe you not in love each other, you just need someone to give you some ‘pride’ since any of your friends already have partner.
Maybe you not in love, you just blind and deaf cause of something that not worth at all.
I also notice that some of you, esp. girls get trapped in unhealthy relationship cause they feel that they need someone to make them feel precious.
You no need others to prove that you are precious.
You no need to hold someone that make you weak.
The only way to get self-confidence is love your self.
The best way to find love is be in love, with your self.
Got my point?
You are precious in your own way, you no need others to prove that, you just need to love your self.
When you love your self, the best love would come by it self.
No need to rush.
No need to worry.
No need to sacrifice your happy joyful life to be with someone that not make you feel precious.
Don’t waste your time, crying over someone that not worth at all.
Let’s move on, young lover!
Life must go on and our duty is to fulfill our life with love, not with tears and regret.
Here’s some quotes for you :

What’s done, can’t be undone – Artem.

What that have to be, will always be.

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead – Adele

Forget your past, love your present, dream the best for your future.
Love your self, cherish love that you’ve got, respect those who love you, ignore those who not love you.
Remember, love makes you strong.
If not, then that’s not love.



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