Procrastinate To The MAX!

I know, it’s not good.

Please, don’t give me that look.

Procrastinating is the worst enemy for writers, and I agree with that.

I got this from twitter, forget again the credit belong to who, please apologize my bad memory.


Most of article about writing, also said that you can’t be great writer if you not start writing.

I agree with that, but..

Sometimes, you have to deal with your self first.

You can’t write great story when you’re over-thinking. You can’t see the beauty of the pain when you concentrate in the pain. You can’t explain everything clearly when you can’t see anything clearly.

When you get the writing block too much, when you feel tired, when you get lost..

Put down your pen, left your writing, do something else and live your life.

The great writer is great dreamer, great adventurer and great procrastinator.

Hey, admit it, when you busy writing, you procrastinate doing something else, right? You skip doing laundry, skip meal, skip sleep. HA! Got you.

Dream high, so you can bring your reader to somewhere beyond their imagination.

Live your life cause it is the longest, greatest adventure that you would ever had, so you can inspire your reader to appreciate every single thing in their life, even the smallest part.

Procrastinate to the max! Cause we are human, we need some “alone time” to get lost, to find our self and come back for more.

Happy writing!

Yes, I said happy writing. Though I said procrastinate to the max, I hope “your max” are not that long.




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