Keep Calm, Be Brave and Write!

Day 18, right?

For me, it’s day 19.

And, please tell me that am not the only one who during their first nano feel horrible, awful, lack of progress and about to give up.

But, no, no, no!

We can’t give up. I won’t give up. We better never give up on our dream.

This is your dream, right?

Remember when you prepare your self to start this month, how excited you was when you knew November is coming, how you convince your self that you can make it.

Since I am the great procrastinator, it was hard for me, to make writing a routine.

I did my best, I push my self, I noted that I have to write, at least a word every day. Even better if I could write more, 2000 words per day, perhaps?

But, it not that easy.

I used to write for my self, no pressure, only pleasure.

I want to take it easy, but since I am perfectionist ambitious pessimist, somehow I think it was bad bad bad idea to participate nanowrimo this year.. with almost no preparation.

I promise to my self that I would be more prepared, getting better in time management, make sure that I know WHAT I love and HOW to write it.

Now, I have nothing left to do but write.

I wish you all doing great with your writing.

I wish you not get writing block. I pray that nothing bad happened to you. I wish you not feeling down and procrastinate writing.

I have good feeling that we (yes, me and you who read this -and participate in nanowrimo) would make it.

We already make this far and we have to finish it.

Keep calm, be brave and write.

You can do it. I can do it. We can do it.




3 thoughts on “Keep Calm, Be Brave and Write!

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  2. You couldn’t possibly be as far behind as I am. Yet, I’m getting SO MUCH out of this contest that has nothing to do with the word count. Without time to do research and planning, I’m forced to find my resources within myself. I’m forced to take risks I never would have taken otherwise. I’m allowing myself to be more vulnerable than ever before. Anybody can write 50K words, but nobody (other than you) can write a single word born of YOUR heart and soul. Forget the word count and just trust yourself to write words that count (like the above post!)

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