What They Called Perfect Love Story

I wanna be with someone..

Someone who stand beside me, no matter what.

.. cherish each moment that he have with me.

.. not taking me for granted.

.. stay awake just to make sure that I am okay.

.. cheer me up even when he also not in the good mood.

.. ask my suggestion before make decision.

.. let me pick his outfit.

.. help me refine my writing skill.

.. always love to be my mentor.

.. never get tired to be my coach.

.. love to see me, even when I was in the not-so-lovable-condition.

.. understand my joke.

.. can get along with my family and friends.

.. proudly introduce me to his family and friends.

.. love to hang out with his friends AND SOMETIMES,including me.


I wanna be with someone that would be my favourite part in this life.

My best friend.

My soul mate.

My partner in crime.

My business partner.

My lovely husband.

My endless crush.

My favourite entertainer.

My supportive fans.

My mortal idol.

My destination.

My home.

Simply, mine forever..


I don’t need perfect boy, but I want to be with man that love me with all I am..

I not want him to accept me the way I am, I want him to push me to be the best I can.

I would love him with all my heart, soul.

We have to be strong independent person.

We don’t need each other to staying alive, but we would choose to stay together, no matter what.

I love him not because I need him.

I need him cause I love him..


I’ve been in so many love story before, and I knew there’s no perfect love story.

You choose your mate and create your favourite love story..

Though it seems too good to be true, I believe that sooner or later, I would find my precious one.

NO, I haven’t found him yet.

But I know I will..


How about your love story? I wish it could be as good as you wish.




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