First Impression Matters (?)

I don’t believe “love at the first sight” . I prefer to say that sometimes, first impression matters. I agree that from the very start, you can tell if someone is interesting enough or not. At least, I feel that way. But, love? No, you not fall that fast.. I guess.

When I met my (ex) boyfriend, I didn’t fall in love by a second. I was just saying to my self, “Wow, this guy is cute.” And, nothing happened after a week, or a month. He got my number almost a year after, “unintended”. He started to text me and I find out that he was great entertainer cause he always success to make me laugh and I was never get bored talk with him.

When I admit to him that he impressed me from the very first, he teased me, said “I knew that it was hard to resist my charms” I have nothing to say, cause even though I really want to argue that, I was too in love with him so I prefer to agree.

Back to the main point, what I want to say is I still not believe in love at the first sight.

What I believe is when you meet someone that attract you, you feel like you want to get to know him/her more. Love is work, you have to know that. It’s about dedication. You might found a lot of people that attract you, but to find someone that you want to keep and YOU WILL try your best to keep, that’s love.

Not everyone that attract us could be the one we love, and sometimes who we love is someone that not attractive to other people. But, who cares?

Not everyone knows from the very start when they found their soulmate. It took time, hard work, passion, patience, strong-will, and most of all, love.

For me, the most important thing is not about the first impression. Cause sometimes, people just concern about the impression. What we really need is to be true to someone that we love. What is the point in getting someone interested with you, but you can’t be your self? You, him, or both of you would getting tired for being untrue and that’s not good for your relationship. For me, I prefer to be true and take the risk. What the difference? Sooner or later, he would leave me if he can’t accept my weaknesses. Just remember, no matter how bad your first impression to someone, if they really into you, they would ignore that. Or even better, maybe what you think as foolish act, look cute in others’ eyes. Who knows?

The other thing to concern is how we appreciate those who love us just the way we are. Maybe sometimes you said to your self, “Am not good enough. There’s no way someone would love me.” Think about it. Even there’s only ONE person that you knew loved you, it’s more than enough to make you sure that you are worth to love. You just need to find someone that accept you and can see the good things inside of you. Ignore those who not.

Don’t be too hard to your self. Not everyone was born charming and you not need to impress everyone and everytime. You just need to impress your self. Impress the-future-you. Make sure you won’t regret cause you give up too soon and too much worry.

First impression matters, but that’s not the only thing that matter. Even more, that’s not the main thing.

What about you? Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, that’s not really necessary, as long as you believe in love.




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