Have I Told You?

You’re the light that guide me home

Before I met you, I was lost and can’t find way to get home

When others just make me lost further, you keep me on the right track and bring me back to the place I have to be


I was like the unfinished puzzle before I met you

Then you put everything in the right place, you help me find the missing pieces of me and you help me, being the perfect me


When you were with me, I know that everything’s gonna be okay. Or even if it went wrong, I know that I can face it, cause you give me strength

You help me to have faith in my self

You support me as well and I can’t thank you enough for that


You’re not perfect, though

There are times when you made me feel like you can’t understand me. There are moments when I thought that you abandoned me. There are things that you not good at, too

Even so, I just can’t stop love and care of you


The problem is, I’m just not sure..

Let’s say, I haven’t told you about this

Did you know it? Does it matter to you? And, do you feel the same way?


Share your thoughts with me :D

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