Get to Know First

I already share what I thought about First impression matters I believe that everyone deserve to get chance, we have to get know them first. Even me, I have to admit, sometimes I can’t help but judging someone based on their looks, acts or words. But, still, I tried my best to give everyone the equal chance.

What I want to say is sometimes we are too mean with new people. We expect too much from them or worse,not care at all. You have to know that when you not resist the stereotype in your mind, you would miss a lot of good things. Life is just too precious to be wasted in your comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid with something or someone new. Fear with something that you never know. For you have no idea at all, who they are and what they might do.

Admit it. The truth is you just too fear to learn something new. You not sure you can handle it if they were beyond your expectation. Sure, they could be worse than your expectation. But what if they more amazing that you ever imagine? What if they are the greatest person that you could ever met?

Well, it always back to your self. Do what makes you happy. If you not want to give them any chance and feel okay with that, go ahead. Just know that they deserve at least a chance. It won’t harm you if you not let it harm you.

What can they do? They can’t take your happiness if you not let them. Just remember, when you give them a chance, you not being nice to them. You being nice to your self, cause you open your self for something new.




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