Talk Less, Listen More

One of my “new year resolution” is to talk less. If you want to find out more, you can check on my previous post: Resolusi Tahun Baru It was written in Bahasa Indonesia but I’ve tried my best to write in proper way, so hopefully, it could be easier to translate.

Now, I want to share why on earth I choose to talk less and listen more. It because I’ve read and heard some good advice that I want to share with you, too:

  • if you have nothing good to say, you better say nothing

My younger sister claim me as mean girl. I prefer to say that am blunt. But she disagree. By the time, I have to agree with her. My friends keep telling me that most of time my words were hurt their feelings, even they know I have no intention to it. So, I guess it just suit me, that I better I say nothing when I found nothing good to say.

  • people only listen what they want to listen

Misunderstanding. Gossip. Issues. Rumor. They are annoying, right? But we better ignore it. Don’t waste your time to explain cause people only listen what they want to listen. When you try too much to explain, you getting nowhere. Let them talk. Let them assume. Let the truth revealed itself.

  • listen more is good for your relationship

Yes, it’s good for your relationship -with your lover, friends, colleagues, family, anyone. When you let them talk, you give them chance to open themselves. They would feel appreciated and you care.

  • great people talk about ideas

Now, tell me. who are you? Are you the great one, average or small? Think about it 🙂


When you talk less, you listen more. And when you listen more, you know more. Believe it or not, it also can help you to find the “true” you.




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