90’s Songs – It’s All Because of You

Because of You – 98 Degrees

They are one of my favourite boys. I’m not sure if they are 90’s boys or not, but Wikipedia told me so. I choose to believe.

I will write the lyrics for you, here:

You’re my sunshine after the rain

You’re the cure against my fear and my pain

‘Cause I’m losing my mind

When you’re not around

It’s all, it’s all

It’s all because of you

Well, how was that, ladies? Sweet, huh? And, guys, can you be as sweet as these guys? No? Ugh, okay. I won’t argue with you.

In my opinion, this song is the perfect song to sing with your partner, maybe during karaoke time?

The rhythm, the lyrics, always make me smile. I imagine if someday my boyfriend sing this song for me, do simple dance, give me that grin.. hm, still sweet for me, even my (future) boyfriend might be not a great dancer (I WISH, at least, he is a great singer)

When you fall in love, there’s a huge chance that when you hear this song, you would say, “Oh, it’s so me!”

And, yes, I agree that this song was describe well the beauty of falling in love.

Love make us strong, love give us joy.

If it don’t,then you can consider it wasn’t love.

Hope you have a happy love story.



90’s Songs – Let Me in Your Arms Again

Let Me In – OTT

loving you could be so easy, loving you could make me warm

but now that i know i need you, i promise that i’ll never leave you

won’t you please

let me in, let me in your arms again?

let me give my love to you..

Honestly, I didn’t knew OTT well.

I just love this song so much when I was kid and few days ago, this song just pop in my head. Suddenly I feel like sing this song all day long.

Okay, I knew, some of you might wonder, “How old is she?” since my posts was mostly talking about 90’s. I already mentioned it on my older post, so please just check it.

And, here come another topic. 90’s songs..

I have so many songs that I love from 90’s and “Let Me In” was one of them.

This song was talking about someone that regret his decision. He never thought that actually, that girl are easy to love and it never be the same without her.

I wonder, if I were that girl, can I forgive him easily?

Hm, honestly, six-pack, cute face, sweet voice, uh.. yeah,it would be enough to make me forgive them and let them in my arms again (..and again?)

Well, in my humble opinion, anyone deserve a second chance.

Anyone could make a mistake, in purpose or not..

But still, anyone deserve to get second chance. If they not use it wisely, it’s their lost, not yours..

Especially when it was about someone that you love, or your love story.

Like what I said before, there’s no perfect love story. People can do mistake, love can be hurt sometime, you are not always be right. So, second chance is not a bad idea, for me.

Anyway, would you share your 90’s songs or favourite song or favourite artist with me? Or maybe you would share with me about your love story? Just let me know..

Now if you excuse me, I was going to let these guys to get in my mind again..

Have a good time, people.



90’s Boys – No Matter What

Today I will share my thoughts about the other boyband, the vocal group that I recognize from their ‘maturity’. From the very first, I already known them as the ‘mature’ group. Unlike Backstreet Boys that ‘young and fresh’, they had different aura. Maybe they were had different fans target. But, I enjoy it, anyway. Meet Boyzone *

How I met:   A Different Beat *

What I remember, this song was used to some causes. I forgot what, but I just remember I like the video. I like the ‘eee aaa ooo’ thing. Also, it had good point.

“Humanity’s lost face

Let’s understand its grace

Each day one at a time

Each life, including mine

Let’s take a stand

And look around us now, people “

My favourite songs:

1. No Matter What *

“No matter what they tell us

No matter what they do

No matter what they teach us

What we believe is true”

I love the beat. I feel connected with the words. When we are in love, we might feel like this, right? No matter what, the one that we love always be the best.

2. All that I Need *

“You’re the air that I breathe

Girl you’re all that I need

And I want to thank you, lady

You’re the words that I read

You’re the light that I see

And your love is all that I need”

This song was about boy that just realize that he already met the perfect one. He not notice it before, but by time, he know it.

3. Everyday I Love You *

One of everlasting love songs for me. This song said enough about relationship. It’s great song to express how special someone in our love. And how with them, we become the best of us. I will give you the full lyrics here.

“I don’t know, but I believe

That some things were meant to be

And that you make a better me

Everyday I love you


I never thought that dreams came true

But you show me that they do

You know that I learn something new

Everyday I love you


’cause I believe that destiny

Is out of our control (don’t you know that I do)

And you never live until you love

With all your heart and soul

It’s a touch when I feel bad

It’s a smile when I get mad

All the little things I am

Everyday I love you


Everyday I love you more

Everyday I love you


’cause I believe that destiny

Is out of our control (don’t you know that I do)

And you never live until you love

With all your heart and soul


If I asked would you say yes?

Together we’re the very best

I know that I am truly blessed

Everyday I love you

And I’ll give you my best

Everyday I love you”


– Extra track : I Love the Way You Love Me *

This song was cover from Eric Martin’s. The original one was released on 1993, and they cover this song about 1998. Honestly, I prefer the original song. But I like Boyzone version, too. I like the song, that’s the main point.

“I love the way you love me

Strong and wild, slow and easy

Heart and soul so completely, I love the way you love me”


My favourite one:  Ronan Keating

I love him cause I thought he was the former singer, here. I guess he always be the starter. Am I right?

I feel like he had not much differences by times, I also not sure if it was his old or new pic. Well, maybe the best point of him was that. He seems like not getting older.

I like his pose here. I like his eyes. I love his voice. He made some solo project, too. My favourite song was If Tomorrow Never Come.

Visit his website : Ronan Keating *

Follow him on twitter : @ronanofficial *




90’s Boys – They Took My Heart Away

Actually, I want to keep this boys as the closure, but I think I can’t wait any longer. I need to help, -at least contribute- the mission from Indonesian fans, to bring them to Jakarta. This boys are going to Indonesia, 3 cities, but not to Jakarta 😦 Yes, they are Michael Learns to Rock * .My mom, my sis and me -of course- are so in love with their songs. Jascha deep voice, their sentimental lyrics, their easy listening music. They are that kind of boys in your dream. They could made you feel love at the first sight, and deeper each day. They start their music career at 80’s period, but they success with their international album early 90’s.

How I met : I’m Gonna Be Around *

I find lyric of this song on my sis’ notebook. She wrote in with many ♥ around the lyrics. I thought, it must some cute love song. And, I wasn’t wrong. I watch the video on TV, remember it was the song that my sis wrote in her notebook. I’m not sure it was the video that I saw before. I really want to learn guitar cause I see Jascha play guitar, so cool. I thought it would be great if I could play guitar, too.

“I’m gonna love you till the end

I’m gonna be your very true friend

I wanna share your ups and downs

I’m gonna be around”

My favourite songs:

1. You Took My Heart Away *

“Living in a world so cold

You are there to warm my soul

You came to mend a broken heart

You gave my life a brand new start and now

I’m in love

You took my heart away

when my whole world was grey

You gave me everything,

a little bit more

And when it’s cold at night

and you sleep by my side,

you’ve become the meaning of my life”

I don’t know, I just thought this song won’t be the same if not wasn’t sing by Jascha. It just, feel so right when he was the one who sing.

2. Take Me to Your Heart *

Not much of my friend know MLTR, but most of my friend like this song. Post this song as status. Made me a bit upset, how come you know this song but not know MLTR? But, I guess I no wonder why they pick this song to express how in love they are.

“Tell me where do I find someone like your girl

Take me to your heart, take me to your soul

Give me your hand before I’m old

Show me what love is haven’t got clue

Show me that one those can be true

They said nothing last forever, we’re only here today

Love is now or never bring me far away”

3. That’s Why (You Go Away) *

This is my official broken-heart theme song. I really want to made story based on this song, but I’m kinda afraid that it would be too dramatic. Well, maybe someday I would.

“Love is one big illusion

I should try to forget

But there’s something left in my head..”

My favourite video:  Anyway You Want It *

This is their newest video. I think the main reason why I love this video the most is because I missed them so much. I just found them after years via Facebook fan page months ago and follow them on twitter (they followed me back! ♥)

And the other reason why I love this, usually, when some band “comeback” it was not as good as before, but it not happened to them. Their song still awesome and not just bring back memories, but like I said,

“They totally took my heart away”

My favourite one:  Jascha Richter

I told you that I love his deep voice. I ‘ve heard some guys sing MLTR song, but it never feel the same with Jascha. His voice was so adorable, for me. Good-looking, wonderful voice, appreciate his fans. Could you resist this boy?

and this is the now Jascha:

I stole that pic from his twitter profile :p

If you want to follow him on twitter: @Jascha_Richter *

also follow : @OFFICIALMLTR *

Like their facebook fan page: michaellearnstorock *

Subcribe them on YouTube: officialMLTRtube *

and, last but not least. Please..

Even though I can’t attend their concert, it must be great, feels at the same city with them. And would be nice for my friends, the MLTR fans in Jakarta. Hope they could bring MLTR to Jakarta. Can’t wait!



90’s boys – Thinking of You, Drive My Self Crazy

This boys was famous at early 2000’s. But, I knew them at 90’s period. So, I hope you won’t mind if now I talk about *N Sync * .I know these boys from MTV, for sure. I like how they dance. And when I do ‘little research’ before write this post, I just find out that Lance not really good at dance. Funny, I never realize that. They all perfect, for ‘about-12-year-ago-me’

How I met, why I love them, and my favourite songI Drive My Self Crazy (Thinking of You)

This song was everything to me. It’s like you have love-at-the-first-sight. You saw the video, you love the song – both rhythms and lyric-, you love their look, you just love everything about it. I wish I could use this song as the beginning before I tell a story to my kids, “How I met your father..”

It could take forever, to describe how I love this video. I love almost every part of this video. They act was nearly, well, not just nearly, for me. Let’s say, they are perfect in this video, for me. I love the idea, the plot that they were patient at the asylum. Just like the song, they do ‘drive they self crazy’ thinking of their girl.

They all are being left by their girlfriend. First, it was about Chris that left because too busy and not respect his girl, which made him “..alone in the dark.” The second was Justin, which left because his love was pick someone else. not sure if he was the one who want to be free or had ‘undying devotion’ but at the end, “only found my self to blame..” The third was JC with the hysteric reaction, watch the TV show when he knew that his girl was cheating. “Why didn’t I know it?” It was match with the lyric. The fourth, was Lance. Actually, I have no idea why Lance being left. Not just because I thought he was cute, but.. really, I not get the point. Can someone explain to me, why? No words when Lance part, so I can’t guessing. The last was Joey, that being left cause his girl caught girl kiss him. He seems like have no intention, but his girl not care at all. At the end, they all out from that place. While they out, they met their ex, on their way to enter the asylum. Karma, huh?

I love when JC start the song, he look cute for me. I love when he was like screaming to the television that airing the show, when he was find out that he was being cheated. I like when he was on the bed, singing ‘crazyy..’ When he push Joey, nearly the end of video. I thought he was act like the ‘strong guy’ that hard to handle his emotion.

I love Justin part. When he starts his part, he sit alone. Then, how he said, “I’ve only got my self to blame.” Also, when he pointing his head, “thinkin of you” I have to admit, sometimes I do that and if someone do, it reminds me of Justin. Yeah, still.

I love when Joey pretend himself as Superman, not care even his ‘doctor’ try ‘her best’ to calm him. I love how cute his look when his girl slap his face.

I love Chris when he just play with his shoe, like have no idea what to do. And though I love Lance, I like the part when he push Lance.

Okay, I know. I was sounds creepy. Guess I was the one that had mental illness. I just like the idea, their act and how funny it was like. They had great chemistry each others, great act and great storyboard, for me.

And, well, I love every scene with Lance on it. Correction, I love it more when Lance was on it. Cause, apparently, I love almost every scene at this video. I guess he was the best to shoot at the “let you go, baby..” He always look cute at that part. It seems like he was act as the cute one, the innocent and lovely one.

Ah, while I was looking for the video, I found the other version. If I am not mistaken, it was the British version. It has not much differences, I still like it but I prefer the first version. Ah, the first part was sang by Chris, not JC in this version. Just, watch: I Drive My Self Crazy (Other Version) *

Here’s the lyrics:

Laying in your arms, so close together

Didn’t know just what I had

Now I toss and turn cause I’m without you

How I’m missing you so bad

Where was my head, where was my heart

Now I cry alone in the dark

* I lie awake, I drive my self crazy

Drive my self crazy, thinking of you

Made a mistake when I let you go, baby

I drive my self crazy

Wanting you the way that I do (wanting you the way that I do)

I was such a fool, I couldn’t see it

How good you were to me (just how good you were to me)

You confessed your love (you confessed your love)

Undying devotion

I confessed my need to be free

And now I’m left with all this pain

I’ve only got my self to blame

— back to *

Why didn’t I know it (How much I loved you baby)

Why couldn’t I show it (If I had only told you)

When I had the chance, Oh I had the chance

Wanting you the way that I do..

— back to *

My favourite song: This I Promise You *

I love this song since the very first. And I love it more when I realize that I could use it on the wedding. My friend, Nella, ask my suggestion once, what to sing on her wedding day. I looking for the good song that I knew, and I remember this song. And, wow, I felt it was perfect for your wedding day.

“I’ve loved you forever in lifetimes before

and I promise you never will you hurt anymore

I give you my word, I give you my heart

this is the battle we’ve won

and with this vow, forever has now began

just close your eyes, each loving day

and now this feeling won’t go away

till the day my life is through, this I promise you..”

Wouldn’t it be lovely, you gaze your (lifetime) partner, whispering “..every word I say it’s true, this I promise you..”

My favourite video:  It’s Gonna Be Me *

It was the second video I like, of course. I still Thinking of You was the best. But, I like how they dance. I wish I could had the figure, which could be real after you pass the barcode check thing. I wish I was as lucky as that girl. I can play with that toys forever and not care if no one else want to play with me. I have *N Sync! Okay, just my wish.

My favourite one:   Lance Bass

Maybe you already figured since I keep talking how lovely Lance is. Yes, I love him. I guess as kids, not-even-teenager that time, I love the cute boys.

And, here is the now Lance:

uhm, sorry, that’s just my favourite pic of Lance. He took the training, already about to go to the moon but then he was lost the sponsors. They just not sure, they could take the risk, sending Lance off to the moon.

Okay, here is the now Lance.

If you also Lance’s fans, you can follow him on twitter: @LanceBass *

or like his facebook fan page: LanceBassFanPage *

One of my favourite Indonesian artist, Agnes Monica, was close to him. I wish she could made Lance come to Indonesia. Maybe, start become actor? He can be well-known. Indonesian already had plenty of ‘bule’ or foreigner here.