This Silly Girl – Writing Challenge Day 9

Seharusnya ini saya posting kemarin, tapi karena saya kelelahan, jadilah baru saya posting hari ini.
Untuk hari kesembilan, topiknya adalah write a love story.
Dan akhirnya saya menulis cerita This Silly Girl. Terinspirasi dari lagu Juris ..yang mendadak saya lupa judulnya apa. If You and I, kalau enggak salah.

“This silly girl so scared. She just can’t say I love you..”

Dan kemarin saya merasakan apa yang sering dirasakan penulis lainnya. Bingung endingnya dibuat gimana.
Akhirnya, saya biarkan menggantung gitu.
Tidak begitu puas dengan hasilnya 😦
Kalau ada yang penasaran buat baca,silahkan langsung meluncur ke blog cerita saya:

Sing-a-Song:Help Me Find Way to Say Good Bye


Wow, it is the first time I write my opinion about new song. Hm, not really new, but still newer than the other, like Because of You or The More Boys I Meet.

Again, my lil, uhm, maybe not lil, but younger sister, tell me about this song. She used it as ringtone and said that I have to hear the original version (She was using some app to re-mix that song) And I like it.

She dried up in the desert

Drowned in the hot tub

Danced to death at an East Side nightclub

Help me, help me, I’m all out of lies

And ways to say you died

It reminds me to the day when I just broke up with my (ex) boyfriend. He was my work-mate and though we not spend whole work-time together, we used to going home together. We broke up on Tuesday evening and I tried my best, not to come at work with teary eyes or sad face.

I thought it would getting worse if my friends know that my relationship over. They would ask me, why? I know the answer but I was pretty sure that I would ended up blaming my self and can’t stop crying. I wanted prepare my self first, so I wouldn’t need to cry anymore. Crying is tiring, right?

I just share it with my close friends, but I asked them to keep it for themselves. Each time one of my friends that didn’t know, asked me about my boyfriend, I just give them smile or give random answer.

It might been easier if he wasn’t at the same office. And yeah, like this song, maybe it would be simpler if I could tell he already died. Mostly people will stop asking, or even if some of them still bother, the rest would give them ‘that-look’, to stop them.

However, I think there’s no easy way to say that your relationship is over. I choose to say nothing because I know whatever their responses, I won’t feel any better. Sometimes, sharing just make you confused and doubt the decision you already made before.

My suggestion, if you break up with your partner, instead of crying whole night, you better make the list, how to answer when someone ask where is your partner. My favourite one is like from this song, “Oh,Β he danced to death at an East Side nightclub”



Have I Told You?

You’re the light that guide me home

Before I met you, I was lost and can’t find way to get home

When others just make me lost further, you keep me on the right track and bring me back to the place I have to be


I was like the unfinished puzzle before I met you

Then you put everything in the right place, you help me find the missing pieces of me and you help me, being the perfect me


When you were with me, I know that everything’s gonna be okay. Or even if it went wrong, I know that I can face it, cause you give me strength

You help me to have faith in my self

You support me as well and I can’t thank you enough for that


You’re not perfect, though

There are times when you made me feel like you can’t understand me. There are moments when I thought that you abandoned me. There are things that you not good at, too

Even so, I just can’t stop love and care of you


The problem is, I’m just not sure..

Let’s say, I haven’t told you about this

Did you know it? Does it matter to you? And, do you feel the same way?

90’s Songs – Let Me in Your Arms Again

Let Me In – OTT

loving you could be so easy, loving you could make me warm

but now that i know i need you, i promise that i’ll never leave you

won’t you please

let me in, let me in your arms again?

let me give my love to you..

Honestly, I didn’t knew OTT well.

I just love this song so much when I was kid and few days ago, this song just pop in my head. Suddenly I feel like sing this song all day long.

Okay, I knew, some of you might wonder, “How old is she?” since my posts was mostly talking about 90’s. I already mentioned it on my older post, so please just check it.

And, here come another topic. 90’s songs..

I have so many songs that I love from 90’s and “Let Me In” was one of them.

This song was talking about someone that regret his decision. He never thought that actually, that girl are easy to love and it never be the same without her.

I wonder, if I were that girl, can I forgive him easily?

Hm, honestly, six-pack, cute face, sweet voice, uh.. yeah,it would be enough to make me forgive them and let them in my arms again (..and again?)

Well, in my humble opinion, anyone deserve a second chance.

Anyone could make a mistake, in purpose or not..

But still, anyone deserve to get second chance. If they not use it wisely, it’s their lost, not yours..

Especially when it was about someone that you love, or your love story.

Like what I said before, there’s no perfect love story. People can do mistake, love can be hurt sometime, you are not always be right. So, second chance is not a bad idea, for me.

Anyway, would you share your 90’s songs or favourite song or favourite artist with me? Or maybe you would share with me about your love story? Just let me know..

Now if you excuse me, I was going to let these guys to get in my mind again..

Have a good time, people.



What They Called Perfect Love Story

I wanna be with someone..

Someone who stand beside me, no matter what.

.. cherish each moment that he have with me.

.. not taking me for granted.

.. stay awake just to make sure that I am okay.

.. cheer me up even when he also not in the good mood.

.. ask my suggestion before make decision.

.. let me pick his outfit.

.. help me refine my writing skill.

.. always love to be my mentor.

.. never get tired to be my coach.

.. love to see me, even when I was in the not-so-lovable-condition.

.. understand my joke.

.. can get along with my family and friends.

.. proudly introduce me to his family and friends.

.. love to hang out with his friends AND SOMETIMES,including me.


I wanna be with someone that would be my favourite part in this life.

My best friend.

My soul mate.

My partner in crime.

My business partner.

My lovely husband.

My endless crush.

My favourite entertainer.

My supportive fans.

My mortal idol.

My destination.

My home.

Simply, mine forever..


I don’t need perfect boy, but I want to be with man that love me with all I am..

I not want him to accept me the way I am, I want him to push me to be the best I can.

I would love him with all my heart, soul.

We have to be strong independent person.

We don’t need each other to staying alive, but we would choose to stay together, no matter what.

I love him not because I need him.

I need him cause I love him..


I’ve been in so many love story before, and I knew there’s no perfect love story.

You choose your mate and create your favourite love story..

Though it seems too good to be true, I believe that sooner or later, I would find my precious one.

NO, I haven’t found him yet.

But I know I will..


How about your love story? I wish it could be as good as you wish.