Sing-a-Song: I’m Gonna Be Around MLTR

Warning. This post is not about the song. It’s about my decision to become MLTR’s fan.

I love this guys. Seriously.

Not just how they create lovely songs, but how they keep in touch with their fans. I love how they always find way to make their fans feel closer to them. They keep updating their social network, make some fan-quiz.

I appreciate how they respect their fans, and make their fans love them more and I thought it was great way to spread their influence. Fans that already knew them for years would stick to them cause they are humble. And I would wonder if they not getting more fans than before.

What else do you need? They have great songs, humble personality and they love their fans! It was something that you hard to find in famous band.

Maybe you would say they just lucky to have great management and I think that good, though. Furthermore, no matter how good their management, they will go nowhere if they not have great songs, in my opinion.

It’s been so long since we took the time

to share words from deep inside us

We’re in our own world spinning our wheels

but you know how I feel

since the first time I took your hand

my love for you has just been growing

you always seem to understand

you know how I am

I’m gonna love you til the end

I’m gonna be your very true friend

I wanna share your ups and downs

I’m gonna be around

I love this guys from the very first, I feel bad that it took so long for me to realize how great they are and officially become their fan. I used to be only their follower. But, it never too late to start something good, right?



Sing-a-song: Nothing to Lose

Sometimes you not give up on someone cause you not want to. You tried to believe that there’s a hope though you know it was nearly impossible. But again, just like this song well-said, “I’ve got time and nothing to lose..”

It was hard to give up on what we believe, what we’ve been waiting for long time. We see them as the answer to our pray, but it seems like they not get the confirmation from God. Or, was it just our wishful thinking, that we are meant to be with that person?

Still, when love is on, it’s hard to turn it off. From my experience, the harder you try to kill your feelings, the stronger it gets. So, let go and let it grow. Whatever will be, will always be.

Who knows, if someday, your one-side love was ended up being the greatest love story?

Just, follow your heart. Nothing to lose if it was about to listen to your heart.

“Nothing to lose, your love to win.
Hoping so bad that you let me in..
I’m at your feet, waiting for you
I’ve got time and nothing to lose”

-Nothing to Lose, Michael Learns to Rock

90’s Boys – They Took My Heart Away

Actually, I want to keep this boys as the closure, but I think I can’t wait any longer. I need to help, -at least contribute- the mission from Indonesian fans, to bring them to Jakarta. This boys are going to Indonesia, 3 cities, but not to Jakarta 😦 Yes, they are Michael Learns to Rock * .My mom, my sis and me -of course- are so in love with their songs. Jascha deep voice, their sentimental lyrics, their easy listening music. They are that kind of boys in your dream. They could made you feel love at the first sight, and deeper each day. They start their music career at 80’s period, but they success with their international album early 90’s.

How I met : I’m Gonna Be Around *

I find lyric of this song on my sis’ notebook. She wrote in with many ♥ around the lyrics. I thought, it must some cute love song. And, I wasn’t wrong. I watch the video on TV, remember it was the song that my sis wrote in her notebook. I’m not sure it was the video that I saw before. I really want to learn guitar cause I see Jascha play guitar, so cool. I thought it would be great if I could play guitar, too.

“I’m gonna love you till the end

I’m gonna be your very true friend

I wanna share your ups and downs

I’m gonna be around”

My favourite songs:

1. You Took My Heart Away *

“Living in a world so cold

You are there to warm my soul

You came to mend a broken heart

You gave my life a brand new start and now

I’m in love

You took my heart away

when my whole world was grey

You gave me everything,

a little bit more

And when it’s cold at night

and you sleep by my side,

you’ve become the meaning of my life”

I don’t know, I just thought this song won’t be the same if not wasn’t sing by Jascha. It just, feel so right when he was the one who sing.

2. Take Me to Your Heart *

Not much of my friend know MLTR, but most of my friend like this song. Post this song as status. Made me a bit upset, how come you know this song but not know MLTR? But, I guess I no wonder why they pick this song to express how in love they are.

“Tell me where do I find someone like your girl

Take me to your heart, take me to your soul

Give me your hand before I’m old

Show me what love is haven’t got clue

Show me that one those can be true

They said nothing last forever, we’re only here today

Love is now or never bring me far away”

3. That’s Why (You Go Away) *

This is my official broken-heart theme song. I really want to made story based on this song, but I’m kinda afraid that it would be too dramatic. Well, maybe someday I would.

“Love is one big illusion

I should try to forget

But there’s something left in my head..”

My favourite video:  Anyway You Want It *

This is their newest video. I think the main reason why I love this video the most is because I missed them so much. I just found them after years via Facebook fan page months ago and follow them on twitter (they followed me back! ♥)

And the other reason why I love this, usually, when some band “comeback” it was not as good as before, but it not happened to them. Their song still awesome and not just bring back memories, but like I said,

“They totally took my heart away”

My favourite one:  Jascha Richter

I told you that I love his deep voice. I ‘ve heard some guys sing MLTR song, but it never feel the same with Jascha. His voice was so adorable, for me. Good-looking, wonderful voice, appreciate his fans. Could you resist this boy?

and this is the now Jascha:

I stole that pic from his twitter profile :p

If you want to follow him on twitter: @Jascha_Richter *

also follow : @OFFICIALMLTR *

Like their facebook fan page: michaellearnstorock *

Subcribe them on YouTube: officialMLTRtube *

and, last but not least. Please..

Even though I can’t attend their concert, it must be great, feels at the same city with them. And would be nice for my friends, the MLTR fans in Jakarta. Hope they could bring MLTR to Jakarta. Can’t wait!